If you are an Alexa skill developer or just interested in experimenting with the platform, Amazon just made your life easier. Amazon has just announced AWS promotional credits for Alexa skill developers . These credits can be used towards the AWS hosting costs of the skills you create and makes it free for Alexa developers to build and host most Alexa skills. You can learn more about the program here at the AWS Credits Terms and Conditions website.

Tech Levitate on Amazon Echo

I am particularly excited about the program since I already have a couple of Alexa skills released named Pop Star Facts and  Physician Assistant Exam.  These skills did not take long to develop and helped me learn the basics behind platform and the use of Node.js for skill creation.  Please check out the skills and let me know your thoughts. Currently the Tech Levitate team is in the process of building a home automation skill that will push the envelope on what the Amazon Echo can be used for in home security. We are also investigating some options in voice automation to be used in combination with a VR game that we are developing. This is definitely an exciting time in IoT/wearable technology for integration experimentation.

Check out and apply for the new program by Amazon and please let us know what you build. We would love to try it out!